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How are you?

Lately I get asked this question about a hundred times a day. Mostly because i have the kind of face that sells out my emotional or physical state no matter how much i try to hide.

Well , to answer that question ,i am not sure. This week i have been going through the motions, largely due to lack of sleep. I had read about insomnia rearing its ugly head in the last trimester but i hadnt expected it at this level. It hurts to sleep on either side of my hips , so i have to repeatedly flip like a fish as i try and find some form of comfort . I had read about the discomfort of growing larger and feeling like you are carrying multiple pumpkins bouncing around the tummy and hitting against the ribs and other organs, but i still wasn’t ready to feel it constantly. I had read about the waddling, I didn’t know why it happened until i began to experience the uncomfortable pelvic pressure that everyone warns you about, its the only comfortable way to walk ,waddle like a penguin. The swelling feet i have began to get used to. It just gets overwhelming when all these different symptoms assail you all at once. The physical exhaustion is constant. Even when i get lucky and get a full nights rest , the moment i hit the floor the old familiar fatigue hits me. It has become like that favourite jacket that you wear everyday until its faded and torn .

To be honest lately my healthy eating habits are beginning to exit the building. As i write this i am wondering what ingredients i have in the house so that i can bake some sugary cake. Its the only thing that makes me smile nowadays.Food. I want to eat Dairyland Vanilla ice cream, i want that yummy berry slushie from Urban eatery.I want a  Java bacon cheese burger, I want Fish and chips from Four bistro and fried chicken and chips from Mc Fries with salt and vinegar and a little chilly sauce. Yeah just a little or it will awaken the Heart burn beast from hiding. That beast only assaults me at 2am in the morning . ..urggh.

All these things happening to me have made me despondent and sad, i don’t want to dress up , or comb my hair or call a friend. I just want to lie here on the sofa and talk to my baby . Enjoying the best part of my day as the baby happily kicks and moves around my belly. You little ninja you,i cant wait to meet you . All my troubles will surely fly away the day i see your face.

So yeah that’s how i am.

34 weeks and some days…


When did I get so big?!

Yes that’s the question that shouts loudest in my mind every time I catch a glimpse of my reflection in a mirror or a passing window at a shop somewhere. I kid you not my reflection has caused me to to feel momentary shock.


I remember with nostalgia earlier in my pregnancy when I could still wear anything as my baby bump wasn’t huge enough to cause major changes in my wardrobe. Well right now there is definitely no doubt that I’m pregnant and about to bring forth a little one!


My third trimester is well underway and I’m glad to say I’m more excited than scared. Let me share a little bit about what I have been experiencing lately.
1. Swollen feet

My feet had began to swell mid second trimester but lately it has gotten to the point where I wear shoes that fit well in the morning and by the time I am leaving the office I change to slippers because nothing else will fit.I have began wearing my hubby’s sandals and comfie crocs to the office . Yes I have noticed the amused glances at the office as I waddle along the corridors but I am more about comfort than style right now! My feet swell up so much on some days that my hubby has began to affectionately call me the Hulk. Hahaha!! I’d weep if it wasn’t so hysterically funny because thats how I feel ,my body is mu-ta-ting!


Things that have helped to bring some relief is soaking my feet in a basin of water , getting a foot massage from hubby as he was instructed to do by our midwife (thanks Lucy) also sitting with my feet raised to allow the water retention to flow back into the rest of the body.

2.Blocked ears

I woke up one day and my left ear was completely blocked. I was worried that an insect had crawled in during the night (eeeeeeek) or that my pregnancy hormones were working overtime and was mass producing ear wax. Yes that happens . I have never had so much ear wax in all my life .


Anyway I officially checked on google and on baby centre and was relieved to find that this was a common symptom experienced during pregnancy. I called my doctor just to be sure and he prescribed some mild antihistamines. They didnt work and eventually I got used to being deaf in one ear and thankfully I woke up one day and I could hear again. It cleared up all on its own.
3.Heart burn

This symptom always strikes in the middle of the night and feels like hot lava crawling up my upper tummy towards my chest . It is very uncomfortable and has caused me to stay up at night.


The only way I am able to find some slight comfort is to prop up three pillows and sleep almost upright. I don’t want to take any medication for it so I will keep looking for ways to deal with it. I recently read that taking a little apple cider vinegar works like a charm .Will try it soon.
Hi mum its only 2am lets wake up and play! Yes thats what Baby Kagwe does on most nights. This baby is a lot like the father , a nocturnal playful creature. I am thankful at least that the baby is active and will eventually get used to being sleep deprived .


Some days its because I cant find a comfortable position to sleep in .So I end up staring at the ceiling listening to the night sounds, sometimes I pray and talk to God, or I talk to hubby who wakes up after my endless tossing and turning. On most mornings I am a sleep deprived zombie and it does make it hard to be productive in the office but I am taking it a day at a time.
5.Current craving – FRUITS!

I can eat an endless amount of fruits on a daily basis. So when I find time I do stock up on passion fruits, apples,bananas, paw paws and grapes. I finished off three juicy oranges yesterday .Yummmmy! I Am drooling right now just thinking about it.

So thats the current state of affairs right now, and one of the things that has kept me sane every time I experience a new symptom is attending birth preparation classes at eves mama If you haven’t checked out this page please do here and her new You Tube channel and learn a whole lot on pregnancy ,birth and baby care.


I am now 33 weeks and two days. That means 6weeks 5 days left , the countdown continues 🙂