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How to Style a toddler’s natural hair.

1.Gather all and I mean ALL the items required for the mission ahead.All items in the photo are necessary.
2.Pick Toddler as she runs away from mummy.Take spray bottle and liberally spray water all over her head.

3.Toddler will have squirmed away from you in protest at the liquid dripping on her head.

4 .Pick TV remote and pass it to the toddler to appease her (she loves the remote , feel free to use whatever silences your toddler).

5.Take leave in conditioner and apply on her head.Use the brush to comb and  smoothen out any tangles .

6.Toddler is protesting again , shush her and threaten to go on your outing and  leave her at home.When that doesn’t work (it doesn’t work) hand her the thermometer to play with.

7 .Take the comb and quickly divide hair into sections and use the hair bands to style as you desire.

8.After you have finished , you will realise that you did not divide the hair into neat sections.

9.Shrug and move on with your life.

10.I wanted ten points ,so consider this a space filler. happy styling 😎